Emotions in Retail: Part 1
August 20, 2018
Emotions in Retail: Part 2
September 11, 2018

120 years ago, everything was personal & custom crafted. Then, the technology of the day enabled mass manufacturing and standardization. Ironically, the same force that all but eliminated handcraft and uniqueness will enable super-customization. What’s more, a creative class has re-emerged and a wave of co-creation is gaining momentum. In this episode, retail executive Heidi Demers joins the Shop! Retail Roundtable in discussing where this trend will lead us.

Lead Speaker:

Heidi Demers, Manager of Store Design for the Kroger Company.
Heidi is an architect and interior designer who has been practicing retail design for 24 years. She brings a unique perspective, given her experience working for retailers, architectural firms, and display and trade booth manufacturers. From the Corporate offices in Cincinnati, Heidi currently manages the breadth of store and interior design for all of the 20 banner brands under the Kroger Co. umbrella.


Bruce Barteldt, Global Retail Practice Leader and Senior Partner with Little
Jean-Paul Morresi, Creative Partner at Watt International
Andrew Theo, Creative Director / Retail Strategy at JJ&A
Dawn Rochester, Creative Services Manager at International Paper
Cynthia Hirsch, Client Services Manager with IA Interior Architects
Petr Simek, Founder and Managing Director of WELLEN Retail Experience
Brian Perlow, Senior Account Manager with Bergmeyer
Anthony Barsi, Retail Studio Leader with Little