Continuous Adaptation
October 26, 2018
Build Emotional Connections in Retail with AI & Big Data
December 19, 2018

Neuroplasticity is holding many brick & mortar retailers back from truly competing with giants like Amazon. This episode of Retail Decoded explores the future of the in-store experience, including strategies to counter neuroplasticity, which starts with pinpointing your store’s flywheel. Several members of the Shop! Creative Council are joined by Chris Walton, CEO and founder of Red Archer Retail. Chris spoke on this topic at our recent Shop!X event, and now, we’ll explore that perspective further.

Lead Speaker:

Chris Walton, CEO & Founder, Red Archer Retail


Anthony Barsi, Retail Senior Project Manager with Little
Bruce Barteldt, Retail Practice Leader and Partner with Little
Cynthia Hirsch, President, Collaborative Design Strategies
Cindi Kato, Vice President and Business Development Director for Global Retail, CALLISONRTKL
Krista O’Malley, Principal & CEO, cmnd+m LLC
Ed Tchai, CEO, Tchai International
Rachel Zsembery, Vice President with Bergmeyer