About Shop!

Our Purpose:

Empowering our members to innovate at retail.

Our Mission:

Shop! will provide our broad spectrum of members with the most comprehensive education, networking connections and insights into the evolving world of retail.

Our Vision:

Shop’s members will shape the evolution of retail.

In October 2015, the Association for Retail Environments (A.R.E.) merged with Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) to become Shop Environments Association.

Established in 1936, POPAI was a not-for-profit association for the in-store marketing industry. International in scope, its membership was made up of leading retailers, CPGs, brand agencies, producers and educators committed to relevant shopper marketing research and education.

A.R.E. was established in 1956 as the National Association of Store Fixture Manufacturers. The association merged with the National Association of Display Industries (NADI) in 2001 and assumed administration of the Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) in 2006.

Based in Hollywood, Fla., Shop! association provides research, education and networking to more than 1,400 member companies and affiliates globally.

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2018 Shop! Officers


Joel Katterhagen
B+N Industries
1409 Chapin Avenue, 2nd Floor
Burlingame, California 94010

Vice Chairman

Bruce Barteldt
5815 Westpark Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28217

Past President

Richard Nathan
2800 Golf Road
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
2016 – Nov. 2018

Executive Director

Todd Dittman
Shop Environments Association
4651 Sheridan Street, Suite #470
Hollywood, FL 33021


Mike Schliesmann
Great Northern Instore
395 Strobe Road
Appleton, WI 54914

Shop! Team

Todd Dittman, Executive Director

Global Development

Leo van de Polder, MaRC
Global Development Director,
Global Education Manager,
General Manager POPAI Benelux
+31 (0)6 5108 2565


Jo Rossman
LEED AP ID+C, Publisher/Editor

Education & Research

Madeline Baumgartner, MaRC
Director of Education & Research

Melissa Campbell
Education Manager


Scott Savodnik
Director of Membership

Yajayra Wojtas
Member Relations Manager


Dash Nagel
Managing Director, PAVE

Events & Meetings

Matt Riley
Senior Director of Events

Marketing & Communications

Karin Pryor
Director of Marketing

Karen Benning
Director of Communications

Sales: Advertising & Sponsorship

Susan Kimelman
Director of Advertising &
Sponsorship Sales

Julie Barnett
Manager of Member Marketing Partnerships


Karin Lupariello
Accounting Manager

Global Reach

Retailing is a global business and Shop! serves the global retailing community with members from 30 different nations.  Through our global awards, international events, exclusive research and reports, and comprehensive professional development resources, Shop! is committed to advancing the retail industry around the world.


North America

United States & Canada

Steven Weiss, CEO
email: sweiss@shopassociation.org
website: www.shopassociation.org


South America


María Teresa Codolosa, Manager
email: countrymanager@popai.com.ar
website: www.popai.com.ar


Raquel Strojsa, Manager
email: raquel@popaibrasil.com.br
website: www.popaibrasil.com.br




Petra Zientek, Secretary
email: zientek@popai.de
website: www.popai.de


Leo van de Polder, Manager A.I.
email: lpolder@shopassociation.org
website: Under Construction

Czech Republic

Daniela Krofianova, Manager
email: dkrofianova@popai.cz
website: www.popai.cz


Sandrine Jean, Manager
email: sj@popai.fr
website: www.popai.fr


Petra Zientek, Secretary
email: zientek@popai.de
website: www.popai.de


Ildiko Kaatai, Manager
email: ildiko.katai.popai@gmail.com
website: www.popai.hu

Ireland, United Kingdom

Phil Day, Managing Director
email: phil@popai.co.uk
website: www.popai.co.uk


Leo van de Polder, Manager A.I.
email: lpolder@shopassociation.org
website: Under Construction


Leo van de Polder, Manager A.I.
email: lpolder@shopassociation.org
website: Under Construction


Fernando Ribeiro, Manager
email: Fernando.ribeiro@popai.pt
website: www.popai.pt


Daniela Krofianova, Manager
email: dkrofianova@popai.cz
website: www.popai.cz


Ignasi Cusi, Manager
email: master@popaispain.org
website: www.popaispain.org


Petra Zientek, Secretary
email: zientek@popai.de
website: www.popai.de


Volkan Keskinoglu, Manager
email: vkeskinoglu@popaitr.com
website: Under Construction



South Africa

Josephine Tshabalala, Manager
email: jo@popai.co.za
website: www. poppa.co.za




Cherry Chen, Manager
email: chen@shopassociation.org
website: Under Construction


Jubilee Cardozo, Manager
email: info@popai.in
website: www.popai.in


Anna Lebedeva, Manager
email: pr@popairussia.com
website: www.popairussia.com



Australia, New Zealand

Carla Bridge, Manager
email: carla@popai.com.au
website: www.popai.com.au

Board of Directors & Councils

Chris Bull

Francisco De Jesus
Universal Display & Fixtures

Mike Haddon
American Installation Companies

John Jaffke
DJ Jaffke Consulting

Ellen Johnson
Noa Brands

Cindi Kato

Lynn Knutson
RCS Innovations

Teri Mascotti
Mascotti Strategies

David Mueller
EMI Industries LLC

Ed Tchai
Tchai International

Rachel Zsembery
Bergmeyer Associates

Steve Varon
Crown Metal Manufacturing Company

Executive Director

Todd Dittman

Education Council
Council works to build a course structure that delivers better certification and standards for improving our value and therefore success. This effort will result in our members being recognized globally as best qualified in their field. Success here will lead to higher talent levels for our members on all fronts.

Council Members
Cindi Kato, Board Liaison
Melissa Campbell, Staff Liaison
Madeline Baumgartner, Staff Liaison
Frank Quix, Council Chair
Open, Council Vice Chair

Research Council
Council works to position Shop! as the world’s leading Retail Think Tank. We will establish ourselves as the most accurate, credible resource for predictive analytics regarding the evolving shopper experience.

Council Members
Teri Mascotti, Board Liaison
Open, Board Liaison
Madeline Baumgartner, Staff Liaison
Todd Dittman, Staff Liaison
Kevin Tierney, Council Chair
Lauren McGing, Council Vice Chair

Industry Future Council
Council strives to bring the next generation of talent into our industry and association with PAVE playing a significant role. Also, work to encourage more diversification in our membership, board and strategic leadership councils. The result of this strategic direction (essential to our future success) will be membership and board participation that better reflects the world we live and work in.

Council Members
Denis Gibney, Board Liaison
Chris Bull, Board Liaison
Dash Nagel, Staff Liaison
Karen Benning, Staff Liaison
Myra Vaughn, Council Chair
Open, Council Vice Chair

Producer Council
Council works to ensure producer members are engaged in tangible opportunities proving the value of the association. The Council will work to assure focus on Producer members of the association.

Council Members
Mike Haddon, Board Liaison
Dave Mueller, Board Liaison
Todd Dittman, Staff Liaison
Mike Schliesmann, Council Chair
Open, Council Vice Chair

Creative Council
Council works to ensure all design and creative member segments are engaged in tangible opportunities proving the value of the association. The Council will work to further develop focus on collaborative inspiration and the design process.

Bruce Barteldt, Board Liaison
Dan Evans, Board Liaison
Todd Dittman, Staff Liaison
Jo Rossman, Staff Liaison
Cynthia Hirsch, Council Chair
Anthony Barsi, Council Vice Chair

Global Council
Council works to position Shop! as a unified Global association. As a result, we expect to bring members from around the world together to create a more connected and collaborative association through our unique channels.

Council Members
Francisco DeJesus, Board Liaison
Ed Tchai, Board Liaison
Leo Van de Polder, Staff Liaison
David Plante, Council Chair
Nicki Albrecht, Council Vice Chair

Retail Execution Ad Hoc Committee
Foster a community for those offering retail execution within Shop! membership. Help generate retail execution content as part of Shop! outputs. Composed of former WARES members.

Council Members

And More

Colite International Ltd.
Columbia, SC United States
Full-service sign company strategically positioned to implement multi-location branding and identity conversion projects; technical development, manufacturing, and execution of signage programs on a regional, national, and global scale; specializing in corporate identity and retail programs

Dackor Designs
Winter Garden, FL United States
Manufacture 3D Laminates, a laminate that forms 3D over the edge and eliminates the seam.  80+ colors stock in U.S.  Also, can produce custom designs with a very small minimum.

Falcon Retail Services
New Albany, OH United States
Installation services for fixtures and graphics.  Rollouts, resets, remodels, and new store services.

Futuristic Store Fixtures
NIL, singapore Singapore
A store fixtures focused VALUE ENGINEER AND BUILD specialist in support of brand’s retailing growth – from fixtures design consultancy & value engineering, store layout planning & elevations, scalable fabrication & production to inventory management – we create brand-building environments in modular system that suits in-store assembly and simultaneous installation.

Import Packaging
River Edge, NJ United States
Retail bags, restaurant bags, food service, paper bags/non woven, industrial bags, poly mailers, cannabis bags, specialty bags, stock programs.

Integrated Display Group Inc.
Vaughan, ON Canada
Our team of industry experts believe in quality and leading-edge innovation that create brilliant displays, fixtures and retail environments that effectively communicate your product or message to the retail shopper and create a memorable experience with your brand.

Liberty Display Group
Minneapolis, MN United States
Custom fabricated acrylic displays, literature holders, signholders, store fixtures, and screen-printed signs.

Lingtong Exhibition System Co., LTD.
Changzhou, Jiangsu China
To be the most influential manufacturer and facilitator for the exhibition system in the world.

modico US Corp.
Waterloo, WI United States
Modico Stamps and Exposure Units – innovative Technology, fresh Design and perfect Quality: Office Stamps, Stamp Pens, Fabric Stamps, All Surface Stamps and Exposure Units.

North Olmsted, OH United States
Water designs our world. It has shaped our civilization and defined the path that touches our everyday lives. But, who designs for water? As a faucet brand, Moen exists to bring water to your home in the most innovative way, giving it the welcome, it deserves.

Miami, FL United States
Digital Retail Signage, POS Displays, Retail Brand Signage, Retail POS Solutions, Digital Signage, Interactive Displays, Interactive Digital Display for Commercial Use, Branded Retail Environments, Branded environments, Retail store design, Experience innovation, pop-up stores, retail display manufacturing, retail strategy, retail design agency, retail innovation, retail displays, experiential marketing, and experience innovation

Polychem Powder Coatings
Gainesville, TX United States
Manufacturer of factory applied tough, scratch resistant, quality, powder coatings for interior and exterior applications. We have thousands of colors and special effects, including RALs, ANSI and Pantones, or match to your brand and choose custom color matching. Competitive prices and quantities as low as 5lbs upwards.

Printex Transparent Packaging
Islandia, NY United States
Clear boxes, Clear Folding cartons for Cosmetics, PET Gravity Chutes, A-PET Packaging, R-PET Packaging, and Plastic die cutting folding & gluing

Prism Intelligence
Kula, HI United States
Software, Services and the industry’s largest force of registered consumers—to monitor and manage your customer experience, operations and online presence. All in one place.

Promoflex International
Montreal, QC Canada
More than simple printers, Promoflex International and its team offer a complete array of consulting services that allows its clients to benefit from innovative display solutions that match their budget.

Quest Service Group LLC
Garden City, NY United States
Quest is a national retail services company that performs remodels, merchandising resets, fixture rollouts, and new store sets for retailers, brands, and fixture and display vendors. We work with clients in every retail category and understand the unique needs of each, ensuring the highest levels of customer service and quality.

Rochester Magnet Company
East Rochester, NY United States
Flexible and Sheet Magnets, Rare Earth Magnets Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt, Magnetic Tape, Magnetic Assemblies, Adhesive Tape, and Pressure Sensitive Tape.

S-One Holdings Corp.
Sarasota, FL United States
S-One Holdings Corporation is a global holding company headquartered in Sarasota, Fla., that oversees a number of subsidiary companies: ABAQA, Avatrex, Brand Management Group, LexJet, S-One Labels & Packaging and Utopia Digital Technologies. S-One owns the brand names of Avatrex™, Craft Attitude®, LexJet® and Sunset®. S-One provides innovative product research, development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution to digital imaging, design and print professionals.

SignArt Co. Inc.
Eau Claire, WI United States
We are business identification specialists. SignArt is your one-stop custom sign shop specializing in design, permitting, fabrication, installation, and service nationwide.

SnapLock Industries
Salt Lake City, UT United States
SnapSports Backyard Basketball Courts, RaceDeck Garage flooring, SnapLock Portable Dance floors, and DuraGrid Matting & Decking.

Shop! History

Established in 1956 with 38 charter members, the organization began as the National Association of Store Fixture Manufacturers. Membership grew slowly in the early years, but exploded in the 1990s following the implementation of the association’s first strategic plan. Originally restricted to manufacturers of wood store fixtures, the association gradually came to encompass industry suppliers, other types of fixture providers, and retail designers. This evolution prompted a name change in 2007 to the Association for Retail Environments.

The association has moved its headquarters to various locations throughout its history, including Hollywood, FL, where its office was largely furnished and installed by members. During this time, its reach extended internationally, with members in more than 30 countries all over the world. Run by members for members, the association has seen 31 presidents, as the volunteer leadership is designed to rotate. Staffing has been headed by a succession of four executive directors over the years. The association merged with the National Association of Display Industries (NADI) in 2001 and assumed administration of the Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) in 2006.

On Oct. 2, 2015 A.R.E. merged with Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI). The combined new association provides expanded services, including research, education and networking to approximately 2,000 member companies on six continents.

stands for Planning and Visual Education

The association’s mission is to connect students, educators, and professionals who support the retail industry in a vibrant, meaningful, and mentoring format.

PAVE Mission

  • Provide students with financial support and industry exposure
  • Connect educators and industry professionals ~ enriching curricula and
    encouraging industry dialogue
  • Provide retail industry businesses with new, qualified talent and encouraging reciprocal investment in PAVE
  • Ensure the future viability of retail industry by investing in the next generation of leaders

PAVE Vision
PAVE is a vital and effective organization that enables young talent to build successful careers in all aspects of the retail industry. Our vision is to cultivate students and educators through financial assistance, top industry thinking, inspiration and mentorship.

For more information and to get involved, go to paveglobal.org

Mr. David Brink
Mr. Jerry Fox
Mr. Robert Reeve Frackelton
Mr. Jack Hale
Mr. David Abramson
Mr. Earl Abramson
Mr. Joseph I. Adler
Mr. Ralph Adler
Mrs. Lori Ali
Mr. P. Jan Anstatt
Mr. Keith Arndt
Mr. Walter Ash
Mr. W.F. Aschinger, Jr.
Mr. Elliott J. Axelrod
Mr. Donald Baker
Mr. Douglas Ballinger
Mr. George F. Barnes
Mr. Joel A. Baum
Mr. Sol Berger
Mr. Carl Bergmann
Mr. Joseph P. Berhalter
Mr. Steven Bergquist
Mr. Cecil Besselleau
Mr. Charlie Blecker
Mr. Gene Bokor
Mr. John L. Bourquin
Mr. Kenneth J. Brenner
Mr. Tom Brugger
Mr. James J. Burlingame
Mr. Charles Cargill
Mr. Dick Carrigan
Mr. Rich Carrigan
Mr. Sandy Carrigan
Mr. Jerry Carter
Mr. James Cavaluzzi
Mr. Corky Chapman
Mr. Don P. Christensen
Mr. Fred C. Clarke
Mr. M. D. Cloud
Mr. Gerald A. Conway
Mr. Roy Crocker
Ms. Barbara Daugherty
Mr. Vincent DeVita
Mr. Ronald Eckert
Mr. Andy Edelman
Mr. Jim Einstein
Mr. Donald Elmslie
Mr. Richard “Ernie” Ernest
Mr. George T. Evans
Mr. Richard Fellinger
Mr. Harry Fenster
Mr. Donald E. Ferguson
Mr. Joe Fish
Mr. Fred Fisher
Mr. Gary Forman
Mr. David L. Foster
Mr. John W. Garabrant
Mr. Denny Gerdeman
Mr. Virgil Goebel
Mr. James Goff
Mr. Robert Gorrie
Mr. Harold S. Gorschman
Mr. Edward L. Grant
Mr. Tom Harris
Mr. David E. Harrold
Mr. Lawrence Haugen
Mr. Lawrence F. Haverkost
Mr. Ken Hedrick
Mr. John Heelan
Mr. H. Aaron Henschel
Mr. Patrick J. Higgins
Mr. Patrick H. Joyce
Mr. Sam Kamin
Mr. Richard F. Kaufman
Mr. Lawrence S. Katz
Mr. Jack Keeler
Mr. Homer King
Mr. Ted Kingsford
Mr. Bill Kolb
Mr. Rudy Kral
Mr. Louis C. Krueger
Mr. Mike Lanaghan
Mr. Michael R. Lauber
Mr. Douglas B. Leeds
Mr. Richard H. Leeds
Mr. N.J. Leigh
Mr. W. Parlin Lillard
Mr. Charles F. Logie
Mr. Chris Lopin
Mr. Gordon S. Lundgren
Mr. Allen B. Marks
Ms. Andrea Martin
Mr. Frank W. Mayer
Mr. Frank G. Mayer, Sr.
Mr. Mort Mazor
Mr. William M. Mee
Mr. Gerry Molitor
Mr. Thomas V. Murphy, Sr.
Mr. Ralph Murray
Mr. Cal Myer
Mr. Richard Nathan
Mr. Walter Nathan
Mr. Joseph Palamara
Ms. Janet Paris
Mr. Henry T. Parker
Mr. Ted Parker
Mr. Tim Parker
Ms. Roberta A. Peters
Mr. Paul Pinkus
Mr. WP “Red” Pluth
Mr. Harry S. Purnell, Jr.
Mr. Phil Renzoni
Mr. Roger Rex
Mr. Joseph T. Ricci
Mr. Robert M. Rieder
Mr. T. Edward Roddy
Mr. C.B. Rollins, Jr.
Mr. Walter Roosli
Mr. Karl Roth
Mr. A.S. Rovak
Mr. Albert S. Saia
Mr. John A. Sakaley III
Mr. Lloyd Sauer
Mr. J. Anton Schiffenhaus
Mr. John Schlegel
Mr. Jim Schubert
Mr. Jack Scriba
Mr. Thomas H. Sculthorpe
Mr. Dewees F. Showell
Mr. George Silvestri
Mr. Bill Smith
Mr. Robert Snediker, Sr.
Mr. Bob Staada
Mr. O.H. Stark
Mr. Ralph W. Stern
Mr. Paul Storin
Mr. Richard Stolls
Mr. Frank Stulik
Mr. Howard Stumpf
Mr. E.C. Swift
Mr. Mike Sybilrud
Mr. O. Morley Tanney
Ms. Ethel Taub
Mr. Julius R. Teich
Mr. Budd Thalenfeld
Mr. David R. Thalenfeld
Mr. Chester L. Thomson
Mr. Lawrence Thornton
Mr. Dave VanderWaal
Mr. Carl Wamser
Mr. Bruce Watson
Mr. Donald J. Weber
Mr. Karl Weber
Mr. Richard Winter
Mr. Kurt Witzel
Mr. Walter R. Whiteman
Mr. W.S. Wyckoff
Mr. Bruce Young III
Mr. Edward Zarucha
  • Teri Mascotti, Principal of Mascotti Strategies
  • Christiana Howard-Ritchie, Account Director at Artisan Complete
  • Vonda Howell, Vice President of Operations at Trion Industries
  • Nancy Jackson, President of Architectural Systems
Mr. Kevin Tierney
Mr. Peter Kornhaber
Mr. Robert Reeve Frackelton
Mr. Bob Zanotti
Ms. Roberta Perry
Mr. Keith Arndt
Ms. Connie Pollex, MaRC
Mrs. Mary Westerhaus
Ms. Michelle Adams
Mr. William Gerba
Mr. Michael Heneghan
Ms. Barbara Daugherty
Mr. Matt Nelson
Ms. Diana Campbell
Mr. Jeff Sheets
Mr. Guy Vaughn
Mr. Jack Briggs
Ms. Terri Phillips Grosch
Mr. Richard Heyderman
Mr. Brian McCormick
Ms. Nancy Tucker
Mr. Kurt Witzel
Mr. Thomas Ujfalussy
Mr. Chris Bull, MaRC
Mr. Rick De Herder
Mr. Frederick Sklenar, MaRC
Mr. Michael H. Sybilrud
Ms. Cin
555 International
Nashville Display
Nashville Display
idX Seattle
Impressions Marketing Group
Rose Displays
Coloredge New York Los Angeles
Impressions Marketing Group
Impressions Marketing Group
Boden Alexander Group
Custom Surrroundings