Retail Recruiter Platform

Prior to dissolution the WARES volunteer leadership established that the existing Retail Recruiter platform would be active through January 31, 2018.

Note that the WARES portal to the Retail Recruiter will be disabled at that time.

Through collaboration with former WARES members, Shop! worked to identify desired improvements to the program, and used those as our guide in identifying a good solution moving forward.

As a result, we are happy to announce that our new partner, Capango, will be relaunching the Retail Recruiter service in the Spring. Specific details will follow in the next few weeks, however you can see our new partner at

In the interim, we have secured that members of Shop! can receive a 15% discount with JobOn, the previous vendor, to extend your service on a monthly basis and maintain access to your existing accounts.

To receive details about how to extend your service over the next couple of months, please contact our membership team at 954-241-4841.