Gold Certification


The Gold Certification program is accredited under the benchmark ISO/IEC 17021 and the only certification program for the retail services industry. This distinct classification ensures your clients that you are a company of excellence with a pledge to quality, safety for your associates and customers, and store-level efficiency.

Retailers and manufacturers must assess the capabilities, services, practices and qualifications of the companies with whom they wish to do business. With Gold Certification, the guesswork is taken out of the equation, and the risk is reduced that a contracted service provider will be unable to deliver consistent, quality service.

For companies who want to be recognized as having a commitment to industry excellence and standards, and attain a higher level of credibility in the retail industry, Gold Certification:

  • Demonstrates that your company is structured to deliver consistent, quality services to meet the customers’ needs and expectations
  • Navigates your company toward a path of operational and managerial efficiencies for improved productivity and cost savings
  • Provides your customers with a solid assessment of your capabilities, practices and qualifications
  • Elevates your company with a brand differentiator that your management and operational systems are in compliance with the highest levels of excellence