Member Testimonials

I’m here to let you know that my A.R.E. membership continues to work for me. Last year a design firm submitted one of our projects to The Design Awards. We did not win, but were interviewed and an article appeared in your July/August edition of Retail Environments Magazine. Scheels, a sporting goods company, later contacted us (we were one of 5 A.R.E. members) and invited C-West to pitch to them. They were sourcing companies to work with them on a concept to Completion design for their Ladies Footwear Dept and found us in the magazine. I am pleased to report that we were selected along with another A.R.E. member. Our first two installations are scheduled for April of 2014. Thank you A.R.E.

Anita Mackenzie , Owner and President of C-West Custom Fixture Inc

We have had multiple customers contact us through the Buyer’s Guide via the Supplier Connect feature. This has led to new business which most times for us translates to an ongoing partnership with our customer. This is one of the benefits among many that we have experienced with our membership with A.R.E.

Cameron Munson, Owner/President Paramount Extrusions Company

Reggiani Lighting USA continues to see our membership in A.R.E. and participation in GlobalShop as opportunities to increase our brand awareness, especially among emerging Retail Store Designers. GlobalShop and A.R.E. create an international retail spotlight, which is an ideal platform to showcase our new 2013 product line.

John Savoretti, President, Reggiani Lighting USA

Juno Lighting Group has used A.R.E. benefits like Supplier Connect and Retail Environments magazine to help spread the word about our innovative and energy efficient lighting solutions. We have also benefited from the proprietary information A.R.E. shares with its members. The Crittenden Report is a favorite. Adding icing to the cake is the discount A.R.E. members receive when exhibiting at GlobalShop. This discount more than covers our annual dues!

Bill Morreal, Vice President, Marketing, Juno Lighting Group

I had the pleasure of meeting the WindowsWear team at A.R.E.’s Retail Design Collective in New York this past December. WindowsWear is an exciting, intuitive new site for all involved in the retail world! It is a great source for inspiration and company awareness! In our short business relationship, WindowsWear has proven to be a great asset to Ace Designs and we look forward to our continued partnership. Thanks to A.R.E. for recognizing the value of WindowsWear and adding this great member benefit.

Elizabeth Badowski, Manager of First Impressions, Ace Designs

For nearly 70 years Yunker Industries has been one of the top décor program manufacturers in the retail industry. We believe the industry should hold itself to high standards and that is why we are proud to be long-time members of A.R.E., the association that champions the retail environments industry. As the sponsor of GlobalShop, A.R.E. provides its members with the extra marketing push that helps them stand out from the crowd.

Kent Yunker, Yunker Industries

“I am very impressed with the progress at A.R.E. You guys are really firing on all cylinders.”

Tony Kadysewski, Director of Communications, Trion Industries

Our A.R.E. membership has been essential in strengthening our relationships with our customers, both existing and potential. A.R.E. brings together the very best of everything retail and opens new avenues to networking, innovation and collaboration.

Our participation at Globalshop, along with the informative Retail Environments magazine, has helped to strengthen our brand, develop our message and afforded us the opportunity to work with some of the leading brand names in the industry.

If you’re serious about retail, then becoming a member of the A.R.E. is essential.

Kevin Tierney, Director Of Consumer Environments, Tarkett Inc.

When we started our sojourn into the retail environments industry, joining A.R.E. and advertising in Retail Environments magazine was one of the best investments we ever made in the industry. Especially if you’re a new kid on the block, we see investing in A.R.E. as a requisite and not really an option.

Brad Stewart, Hera Lighting

The A.R.E. Design Awards and Sustainability Awards are a great resource for gaining recognition for our clients. No matter what the category, our clients enjoy the Awards Gala and the exposure that a winning entry can provide. And especially for those with sustainable designs, the industry awards distinguish their efforts toward creating a better future for our planet.

Marcy Goldstein, Marketing Director, JGA

I thought it made sense to add our logo to our listings, to help brand our company, but once I started adding images and content to our profile the traffic online quadrupled! The staff at A.R.E. were great in walking me through the set up of my enhanced and premium listings ensuring I was taking advantage of what the program had to offer.

Carrie Harvey, Sr. Marketing Specialist, Stylmark