Session: Thursday, Nov. 9

Keynote: Why Online Retailers are Moving Into the Brick & Mortar Space

Presented by: Jennifer Hyman, CEO & Cofounder, Rent The Runway
Every week, it seems, another online retailer opens a store. Online retail trailblazer Jennifer Hyman, CEO and Cofounder of Rent the Runway, will explain how she successfully took her thriving online business to the streets with the opening of traditional retail stores in five cities. Find out how and why she made the move and what she sees in store for retail.

Virtual Reality Store Design

Presented by: Brian Dyches, Director, REX Digital Group
The advent of technology is impacting all aspects of the way we experience a brand and increasingly perform and showcase our work.  Advanced visualization technologies coupled with increased technology awareness and expectations by clients will be one of the key business strategies employed by Shop members and the environments industry.  Our speaker, Brian Dyches, will discuss and demonstrate how Augmented and Virtual Reality will increasingly allow design to jump from the screen to a 3D world that will become central to selling your own brand and designs.  Dyches will demonstrate cutting-edge software that allows you to showcase your production facility, walk a customer through your concept and them employ the power to configure material changes in photo realism in real time.   The power to show your designs or products powered by these tools will align you with customer demands and position you for what’s next in Artificial Intelligence and IoT.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Future Retail Stores?

Presented by: Dan Faggella
In this presentation, Daniel breaks down the most important AI trends that will impact the retail sector in the next 5 years – from conversational interfaces to customer segmentation to retail robotics and beyond. In addition, the audience will gain a clear framework for how to think through AI applications, and discerning what to invest in and what to ignore. The material in this presentation is based on TechEmergence’s own unique market research, as well as interviews with dozens of AI executives.

10 Must Do’s For Manufacturers

Presented by: Matt Valicevic, Sales Engineer for Global Shop Solutions, Inc. and Mike Melzer, Vice President.
Stop guessing and start knowing. Whether your company manufacturers something big, small, or something in between, Global Shop Solutions has identified the 10 “must do’s” that our thousands of customers around the world are doing to deliver a quality part on-time, every time. From quote to cash and everything in between, these 10 “must do’s” will give you a blueprint to take your manufacturing from good to great.

Empowering Our Industry Through Mentoring & Leadership

Presented by: the Shop! Women’s League
A panel will share their insights on how to attract young professionals to our industry and turn them into future leaders within the organization. Attendees will then dive into a reflexive conversation at their table, facilitated by a moderator.

Session: Friday, Nov. 10

Commercial Display UL Standards

Joe LaGrow of UL will be presenting the Shop Task force / UL combined efforts in regard to the future changes with the UL standards for Commercial displays.  These products currently reside within UL 962 Commercial and residential furniture and UL 65 wired cabinets.  Upon discussions with industry representatives UL is presenting an outline of investigation for the new UL 970 for Store Fixtures and Merchandise Displays.  This combined effort of industry representatives will shape the future of the standard by utilizing Standard Technical Panel (STP) and UL standard development process.  The development of this new standard will focus solely on the products for this specific market and better outline steps and processes for faster market entry.

The A-Z of Building a Prototype Store

Join James Avery and JGA as they share their expertise on how to develop a successful prototype store, from initial conception all the way to buildout. James Avery, an iconic 60+ year old Texas-based hand crafted jewelry brand, recently launched its new prototype location in San Antonio. Creating this new “home” for the brand had the challenge and the opportunity of finding a way to bridge current customers’ expectations and history as well as an invitation to new consumers who may not be familiar or feel connected with the brand. The San Antonio shop will be used as a great example of how to meet prototype store objectives, which include engaging in a holistic review of the brand, consumer touchpoints and creating a more interactive consumer experience that connects customers to the brand.

Economic update – Navigating the Crest

Presented by: Alex Chausovsky, Sr. Analyst, ITR Economics

Economic ascent will peak early next year and slowing growth will characterize the majority of 2018. A brief and mild recession looms on the horizon in 2019. For now, the consumer is powering the US economic growth engine due to a vibrant job market, rising wages and healthy savings levels, resulting in record levels of Retail Sales. However, there are some early signs that things may be slowing down in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, although construction activity in the retail space is currently booming, it is expected to decelerate noticeably next year. In this session, Senior Analyst Alex Chausovsky will provide ITR Economics’ views of what to expect next year and beyond, covering such topics as consumer trends, inflationary pressures, interest and exchange rates, and the outlook for the global economy. Most importantly, Alex will connect the dots between the macroeconomic inputs and the decisions facing business leaders.


“Why Online Retailers Are Moving Into the Brick & Mortar Space”

Jennifer Hyman

Jennifer Hyman is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Rent the Runway, a business that has transformed the retail industry by making designer dress and accessory rentals a convenient and accessible luxury experience for millions of women. Rent the Runway was named to the CNBC “Disruptor 50″ list and Fast Company’s “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 In Style.”  Since Rent the Runway’s launch in November 2009, Jennifer has managed all areas of the business including technology, fashion, sales, marketing, operations, customer service and team management, while also serving as a company spokesperson. Most well-known within the entrepreneurial and fashion communities for her unmatched marketing abilities, Jennifer was named as the Chief Marketing Officer of Fortune magazine’s “Executive Dream Team.” Jennifer co-founded Rent the Runway with her Harvard Business School classmate Jennifer Fleiss.

“10 Must Do’s For Small to Medium-Sized Manufacturers”

Matt Valicevic, Sales Engineer, Global Shop Solutions

Mr. Valicevic is responsible for telling the company story and demonstrating the value of Global Shop Solutions ERP to manufactures in the south region.  A graduate of Texas Tech University, Matt has been with the company nearly 10 years and has personally visited hundreds of manufacturers to show how ERP software can simplify their manufacturing. His goal is to help manufacturers make the best decision on software and technology for their business. Matt lives in The Woodlands, Texas with his wife and children and enjoys golf, softball, and chasing his kids around.

“10 Must Do’s For Small to Medium-Sized Manufacturers”

Mike Melzer, Vice President of Operations, Global Shop Solutions. 

Mr. Melzer is responsible for ensuring all departments are providing the thousands of Global Shop Solutions customers with the support and resources they require to achieve ERP success. A graduate of the Colorado School of Mines and sought after industry expert, Mike has been with the company nearly 20 years and has personally visited over a thousand manufacturers teaching them strategies and techniques to become more efficient manufacturers and ERP users. His goal is to help you deliver a quality part on-time, every time. Mike lives in The Woodlands, Texas with his wife and children and is an avid golfer, sports nut, and great storyteller.

“How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Future Retail Stores?”

Dan Faggella

Daniel Faggella is founder and CEO at TechEmergence, the market research and company discovery platform focused exclusively on artificial intelligence and machine learning. An entrepreneur since the age of 20, Daniel has started and sold two previous businesses before focusing fully on TechEmergence. Daniel studied the cognitive science of skill development during his master’s degree at UPENN, and has solely focused on the ethical implications of AI and neurotechnologies since 2012. Daniel frequently speaks at events about the implications and applications of artificial intelligence in business, from the TEDx stage to Ivy League universities. His writing and though-leadership have been featured in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, the World Economic Forum, and other reputable media outlets worldwide.

“The Future of UL Standards for Commercial Displays”

Joe LaGrow, Sales Manager, UL Furniture and Furnishing

As the U.S. sales manager of UL’s Furniture and furnishing team Joe LaGrow is diligent and committed with his focus to support the market. With 18 years of sales experience and over nine years of third-party testing and certification, Joe understands how to identify market road blocks and offer sound solutions.  Joe is a graduate of Michigan State University with a BA from the school of Social Science.  In his spare time Joe enjoys spending time with his family, road cycling, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

“What’s Ahead: Economic Outlook for 2018”

Alex Chausovsky, Sr. Analyst, ITR Economics

Alex Chausovsky is an accomplished Speaker and Consultant at ITR Economics. He is a highly experienced market researcher and analyst with more than a decade of expertise in subjects that include macroeconomics, industrial manufacturing, energy efficiency, automation, and advanced technology trends. He has consulted and advised companies throughout the U.S., Europe, Brazil, China and Japan for the last fifteen years.

“Virtual Reality Store Design”

Brian Dyches, Director, REX Retail

Brian is an authority & practitioner of global design thinking, visualization technology,  and digital customer engagement via his LA-based firm REX and the resources of Lightbox.

He has traveled the globe identifying consumer behaviors & business strategy central to sales and engagement. Brian works with brands & firms to map out how technologies such as interactive and VR can facilitate their operations and client understanding of their sales offer.

As an industry thought leader Brian has addressed more than 35,000 leaders in civic, hospitality and financial industries, as well as leading retailers and manufacturers on five continents. He has shared his expertise with The National Retail Federation, ICSC, EuroShop, BrasilShop, GlobalShop, MAGIC/WWD, SEGD, American Express-Mexico, FENALCO-Colombia, Outdoor Retailer, SMART Jewelry Show, PGA, POPAI Asia, and I-SPA.

Brian has served as the International President & Chairman of the Retail Design Institute -He currently sits on the VMSD Editorial Advisory Board, SEGD San Diego/OC Board, and is an active member of Shop!

Ken Nisch, Chairman, JGA

Since 1971, JGA has grown to become a global leader in branded environments and consumer strategy, working with clients such as Shinola, Spence Diamonds, Sleep Number, Museum of Arts and Design, Whole Foods Market, Virginia Tile, Andersen Windows, Orchard Supply Hardware, Sundance, Godiva, and Westlake Ace Hardware.

JGA specializes in branded environments and does so across a variety of venues including entertainment, attraction, and of course, traditional retail. Mr. Nisch became Chairman in 1995. His responsibilities include project strategy and serving as client liaison. Nisch’s knowledge and entrepreneurial insights into the consumer are integrated into conceptual development and strategic image positioning for retail operators, manufacturers and brand marketers.

Mr. Nisch was presented with the Retail Leadership Award at the Asia Retail Congress in Mumbai. He has also been inducted into the Retail Design Institute Legion of Honor, recognizing his outstanding career achievement in the field of retail design. He has also been named as a “Retail Luminary” by Design:Retail Magazine, considered to have demonstrated “unparalleled creative excellence.”

Mr. Nisch also serves on the Advisory Boards for Design:Retail Magazine, the Association for Retail Environments, and serves as a Board Director to private and public retail companies. He has recently presented at some of the world’s leading design/retail conferences including the National Retail Federation Big Show, GlobalShop, EuroShop (Germany), the International Retail Design Conference, and Luxury Council.

Howell F. Ridout, AIA

Howell received a Bachelor of Architecture with High Honors from the University of Texas at Austin in January 1975. While working for Pfluger & Polkinghorn Architects, he soon became Project Manager serving James Avery as a new client.

Howell has been a founding partner of two noted architecture and interior design firms as well as involvement in construction, furnishings and an art gallery.

He joined James Avery as Director of Architecture in 1977 and became a registered architect in 1979 shortly before returning to Austin as founder of his own firm. That firm, RTG Partners evolved into one of Austin’s premier architecture and interior design firms and continues today as STG Partners. Howell returned to an on staff position at James Avery in 1989. In 1992 he was a founding partner at Artisan Group, Inc. in Kerrville for a ten-year run in design and construction before returning to James Avery in 2003 where he served as V.P. of Marketing for a number of years and helped guide the brand and overall company image and outreach. He currently serves as V.P. of Real Estate & Development where he oversees the company’s Master Plan for corporate and manufacturing projects as well as retail site selection, lease negotiations, store design and visual merchandising.

Howell participates in the James Avery Brand Committee where after a continuous 42-year association he remains involved in the company’s overall brand positioning.