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Senior Leadership Team

Steven Weiss, CEO, (312) 863-2919. sweiss@shopassociation.org

Todd Dittman, COO, 954-241-4805. tdittman@shopassociation.org

Karen Schaffner, VP Content, Education & Research. 954-241-4810. kschaffner@shopassociation.org.

Leslie Melvin, VP Finance. 954-241-4826. lmelvin@shopassociation.org


Jo Rossman, LEED AP ID+C, Editor, 954-241-4821. jrossman@shopassociation.org.

Events & Meetings

Matthew Robertson, Director of Events & Meetings, 312-863-2916. Mrobertson@shopassociation.org.

Global Development

Tom Harris, Development Director, Popai ASIA Ltd. Based in Sydney Australia, SKYPE: tomkharris Sydney Australia. tharris@shopassociation.org

Leo van de Polder, Marc, Global Development Director, Global Education Manager, General Manager POPAI Benelux, +31 (0)6 5108 2565 lpolder@shopassociation.org

Marketing & Communications

Karin Pryor, Director of Marketing, 954-241-4823 kpryor@shopassociation.org.


Elizabeth George, CMM Director of Membership Development & Engagement, 954-241-4841. egeorge@shopassociation.org


Dash Nagel, Managing Director, PAVE, 954-241-4834. dnagel@shopassoication.org

Sales: Advertising & Sponsorship

Susan Kimelman, Director of Advertising & Sponsorship Sales. 954-241-4812. skimelman@shopassociation.org.