Professional Development Is The Key To Advancement.

Never Stop Learning.

Because the marketplace is continually changing and growing more challenging, Shop! provides professional development resources to help you grow personally and professionally, while also building connections in our industry. Use the links below to explore these opportunities and the member savings available to you.

MaRC Certification Program

Whether you are new to the business or an industry veteran, the Shop! MaRC Program offers you deep insights into the latest technology, methods, and research in our business. Plus, MaRC Certification signifies your expertise in retail environments and experiences.

Learn more about the Shop! MaRC Program now.

Continuing Education Programs

To advance in your career, your skills and professional knowledge need to advance as well. Our Continuing Education Programs focuses on real-world training that you can put to use every day as you improve your performance and the performance of your organization.

Check out our latest continuing education courses.

The Women’s League

Join a community of businesswomen who come together to learn, share, support and mentor one another. The Women’s League can help you develop the confidence, skills and experience you need to advance your career and play a leadership role in your organization.

Join the Women’s League today..