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Retail Environments magazine
Retail Environments Insights news brief
• Weekly retail market report
• Shop!Insider Weekly member newsletter
Industry Financial Performance Report – FREE to members who participate!
Shop! Economic Advisory – a $1,975 value
Crittenden Report – a $967 value
WindowsWear PRO 20% discount – up to a $700 value
Shop! Quarterly Trend Report
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• Discounted advertising in Retail Environments magazine
• Coverage of your products, projects and services through product announcements, product features etc…
Supplier Connect print, online (upgraded Supplier Connect profiles available!)
• 25% off GlobalShop booth space
• Product Announcements and spotlights
• Social media exposure
• Event sponsorships

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• Networking events
• Roundtable discussions
• Discount on exhibiting at the Retail Design Collective
• Discounts on entering the Design Awards
• Discounts on entering OMA awards

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