Race to Reinvent Retail

The pace of change in retailing is picking up as retailers respond to the challenges posed by slow market growth, new competition, and changing shopper behavior.  Differences will be most evident in new and remodeled stores, but broad based changes will be evident across retailing as recognition grows that more innovation is necessary to keep up with the changing consumer.

For those serving retailer and manufacturer interest in the store, the question is “Do we lead, follow, or get out of the way?”  This presentation provides insight into some of the major change drivers impacting retailing and guidance on how this will impact the shopping experience.  It will focus on several “change drivers” and for each we’ll:

  • Review why it’s happening and the impact on retailers.
  • Describe how it is likely to change the in-store merchandising and marketing practices.
  • Call out opportunities and issues it raises for companies supporting retail execution and communications.


Building a Culture of Excellence

Jay Goltz started a picture framing business right out of college, a decision that was not the conventional wisdom of the times. The business grew quickly, and before long was twenty times the size of the average frame business – making it the largest in the country. Jay expanded into related businesses and now each of them is at the top of its field. Realizing there was a lack of real-world advice for small businesses, Jay wrote his first book. The Street Smart Entrepreneur: 133 Tough Lessons I Learned the Hard Way.

As a business speaker who actually runs a business, Jay’s speeches give solid real life business examples, lots of insights, and plenty of take-home value. From self-employed individuals up to Fortune 500 CEOs, anyone in business will benefit from his refreshing approach. Topics to be covered include:

  • The power of being a little bit better – execution over brilliance
  • How to hire and when to un-hire
  • Setting standards and control systems
  • Training that makes a difference
  • Customer service as a competitive weapon – is the customer always right?
  • Why it makes sense to lose money on some sales
  • Turning upset customers into brand evangelists
  • When training doesn’t work

The Intergenerational Workforce

Professor O’Brien will lead an illuminating discussion on the challenges that arise when communicating across generations, particularly between Baby Boomers and Millennials. Don’t worry, Gen Y, you will see yourselves in the conversation also!

After participating in this discussion, participants will leave with a few easily retained empathy based concepts to help reframe intergenerational relationships in a way that facilitate organizational effectiveness and camaraderie.

Digital Innovations in Retail

In this talk Professor Duimstra discusses how the digital revolution can enhance the services offered by the retail environment industry to further help their clients succeed. Topics include:

  • Personalization
  • Internet of Things – retail based sensors and connected devices
  • Big Data/Artificial Intelligence
  • The design of frictionless purchasing & fulfillment
  • Geofencing
  • RFID Technology
  • Indoor positioning systems including Bluetooth Beacons & Google Tango
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • The Omni-channel experience
  • Digital Interaction & Displays
  • Wearables

While these concepts can be complex, Jeremy explains them in layman’s terms using case studies of past MJD work as well as head turning projects across the digital innovation industry.

This lecture also covers the increasing necessity of digital innovation when designing retail experiences. In today’s marketplace the products that win are the ones where UX and design have magically made the underlying technology disappear. Things just work.

Examples from American Girl, Mattel, Oakley, Target, Samsung, Disney, and more will be shown, giving real world examples of what is possible today.

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