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Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 10:30 – 11:30 am
Shop! Top Trends Point & Counterpoint

Get ready for a different perspective on top retail design trends, shifts, swings and/or progressions. The inevitability of technology and the strengths of physical space go head to head in this battle over the future of brick and mortar retail. Imagine three passionate industry leaders and one provocative moderator challenging each other with concepts that embrace and lash back against the technical integration movement. Registrants will gain new insights on the various ways that the shifting paradigm of omni-channel retailing is changing the face of the retail store forever, ushering in one of the most creative times in retail history.  Like the stores you’ll be inspired to design, this session promises more than the run-of-the-mill panel discussion—it promises a unique experience.

1. Learn the top trends in retail environment design
2. Learn the top trends in shopper marketing and point of purchase
3. Understand the overriding demographic and cultural changes behind the trends
4. Explore how these trends can be applied to your brand strategy

Speaker Contact Info and Bios:

Bruce A. Barteldt
Shop! Board Liaison for Creative Council and Global Retail Practice Leader
Senior Partner, Little

Ignaz Gorischek
Vice President-Architecture, Callison/RTKL

Jennifer Nemec
IDSA, RDI, Chief Creative Officer, Ideation Studio Inc.

Mare Weiss
Associate, Bergmeyer Associates Inc.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017: 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Retail in Transition
The retail environment is changing at a fast pace. Where physical stores were once primarily points of sale or points of purchase, they are in transition. Can all stores only focus on transactions as their main purpose? Are we moving towards new definition for the function of a new generation of stores? Are stores becoming Points of Engagement? Development in retail can be characterized, in an extremely simplified way, by the three E’s: Efficiency, Expertise and Experience. The concept is that in a competitive market, retailers can differentiate themselves from competition by being more efficient, adding more expertise and or adding more experience. The blend and balancing of these key elements ultimately creates a differentiated model. Franks’ presentation will give you guidance in the new retail reality and will explain how retailers can move from traditional point of purchase to a point of engagement.


1. Are physical retail environments still viable?

2. How to make the movement from point of sale to point of engagement.

3. How to transform transactional retail environments into attractional retail environments.

4. What are the areas of expertise and experiences retailers have to invest in?


Frank Quix
Managing Director,
Q&A Research and Consultancy

Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 10:30 – 11:30 am
Changing the Yardstick–the New ROI of Retail Store Design

It’s become clear that the death of brick-and-mortar stores at the hands of e-commerce has been grossly exaggerated, and more often than not, mischaracterized. Physical stores are not going away, but they are playing a very different role. Yet, most retailers still operate in an old paradigm, with siloed organizational channels and functions, a merchant-driven mindset, and traditional store metrics. Growing evidence indicates that stores provide critical opportunities for customer engagement and that customer experience (CX) is key to that engagement, driving brand loyalty and recurring sales. But how do you design a great customer experience, much less, measure the results? In this interactive presentation, attendees will learn about tools to understand their own critical imperatives and considerations for customer experience design in a store setting, key lessons from the “clicks-to-bricks” world, and the implications for new metrics in evaluating the ROI of those efforts.


1. Understand key store design challenges of participants (live survey)
2. Learn to see store design within a new framework which optimizes customer experience
3. Explore different tools to inform the design process and test ideas/prototypes
4. Become conversant with new metrics for measuring the ROI of store design in the CX context

Jane Greenthal
Senior Design Strategist, Gensler

Jaelem Sangara
Visual Manager, Kit and Ace

Thursday, March 30, 2017, 9:00 – 10:00 am
The Ultimate Visual Merchandising Obstacle Course

Do you have what it takes to complete The Ultimate Visual Merchandising Obstacle Course designed by Visual Merchandising expert, Joe Baer? Visual Merchandising is key to a successful retail concept. It is the heartbeat of a store. It keeps the brand vital, relevant and fresh. The Visual Merchandising Obstacle Course is a fun skill assessment exercise designed to test your hands-on merchandising skills and refresh your knowledge on many of the basic techniques and principles of our industry. This interactive challenge is a fun, educational and energizing activity for all attendees. Whether you want to watch the excitement and cheer on a friend or take on the UVM Obstacle Course, this will be a great experience for everyone. The best finishing times on The Ultimate Visual Merchandising Obstacle Course will be awarded an official Visual Merchandising Trophy and bragging rights.


1. Test/sharpen skills on Visual Merchandising basics
2. Learn current Visual Merchandising Techniques & Principles
3. Work hands-on with Visual Merchandising Supplies, Mannequins and Fixtures
4. Meet and interact in a fun, competitive, collaborative nature with other GlobalShop attendees

Joe Baer
CEO and Co-Founder of ZenGenius, Inc., ZenGenius, Inc.

Thursday, March 30, 2017, 10:30 – 11:30 am
The Future of Craft in a Mass Retail World

It seems you can’t buy anything these days without a carefully nurtured story reflecting the provenance, purity or purpose of the brand, replete with a hand-crafted booklet on the blood, sweat and tears it took to bring this product to you. And all you wanted was a coffee. On the surface, all this authenticity and effort is not a bad thing. Indeed, as the mass brands flail in the face of this hipster hurricane, it may be time to ask why we find ourselves drawn to this phenomenon that has created a bigger issue of parity in all corners of retail. Where did the trend of artisanal, bespoke brands come from, and why do they seem to be taking over every category of retail? Fenstermaker will unpack this new direction of retail and share how brands can differentiate themselves in a world of hipster take-over.


1. Unpack the hipster trend in retail
2. Where did the trend come from?
3. Discuss who is doing it, and well.
4. Learn ways that brands can differentiate?

Michelle Fenstermaker
Strategy Director, FITCH