Shop! Continuing Education Program

Shop!’s Continuing Education Program will provide access to professional development opportunities that enable participants to develop knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the performance of their organizations, and provide leadership and service to the industry.  The courses and other activities will enhance industry members’ understanding of all phases of the Shop! Value Cycle (Research, Design, Build, Market, Evaluate).

Upon completing a Shop! education activity, learners will receive a certificate awarding 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU) per hour of course time. For MaRC holders, these PDUs will be automatically applied towards their triennial recertification.

Available Continuing Education Activities

In upcoming months, we will be adding several new activities, including e-learning courses, Journal articles, quizzes, and sponsored webinars; please check this page regularly.

Scroll down the page to browse our detailed list of available continuing education activities; or, click a title in the index below to jump directly to that course.

Sustainability. E-learning webinar, 1 PDU in the MaRC “Build” domain
Lost Opportunities Not Covered by Big Data. Journal article and Quiz, 0.5 PDU in the MaRC “Research” domain
Neuromarketing. E-learning webinar, 1 PDU in the MaRC “Research” domain


What legacy will you leave behind?

Course Description

Sustainability is the capacity to endure.  The most widely known definition comes from the 1987 World Commission on Environment and Development, which defined it as: “Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

This eLearning course explores the state of green building in retail by identifying the trends, influencers and characteristics. It provides insight into the benchmarks and life-cycle assessments. The course focuses on Phase 3 of the Shop! Value Cycle – Build.

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Lost Opportunities Not Covered by Big Data

A Journal of Shopper Research article and quiz

Course Description

Big data captured by retailers’ UPC scanners and customer loyalty cards reflect what has sold, but do not reveal why people made their selections or measure what people considered but left behind. Understanding shopper motivations and lost opportunities requires an approach that integrates three types of data that are typically kept separate: observations of actual shoppers; interviews about their attitudes, experiences, and motivations; and basket scans of actual purchases. This approach, called “quantitative ethnography,” draws on observations and interviews with real shoppers on real trips. In this Journal of Shopper Research (JSR) article from Spring 2017, John Dranow discusses how this methodology can drive action plans for manufacturers and retailers to stimulate more trips and larger baskets.

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Appealing to the Minds of your Shoppers…Literally!

Course Description

What drives the shopper to buy? What drives his or her brand choice? To steer buyers towards your product or brand, you must understand how the shopper’s brain works. This eLearning course explores how the brain responds to marketing stimuli and how the retail environment triggers and influences buying behavior. The course will also show how this information can be used to develop a Shopper Marketing Program. The course focuses on Phase 1 of the Shop! Value Cycle – Research

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Learners should maintain a log of their completed continuing education activities; the log could be helpful when pursuing a contract, a job promotion, or a new job opportunity.

If you have questions about Shop! continuing education activities, please contact Melissa Campbell, Education Manager, at or 312-863-2908.